Hassie Calhoun

Book One of the Hassie Calhoun Trilogy

Lovely and talented Hassie Calhoun arrives in Las Vegas to make it as a singer. Her beauty immediately opens doors at the Sands Hotel, but that same beauty draws her into a dangerous relationship with her brooding lover, Jake, and attracts the attention of the powerful Frank Sinatra. Like the goddess Persephone, Hassie finds herself torn between the darkness and the light the two men offer. Jake is her personal Hades, whose love borders on obsession, and Hassie’s innocence keeps her from recognizing the dangers that she invites.

With her innocence and identity on the line, the road to stardom puts Hassie in several compromising situations. Author Cory offers a deceptively sophisticated look into the life of an ambitious young woman during the era of the Rat Pack, whose very passions impede her dreams in a way that many women could secretly relate to.